A fork of StepMania 5.1, improved for the post-ITG community!


Download Below

Latest Version: 0.9.0

Installer for Windows 7 or Higher


» Program w/o Songs «

macOS 11 (Big Sur) or Higher
For Intel Macs (but also works on M1)

macOS Intel

» Program w/o Songs «

macOS 11 (Big Sur) or Higher
Specifically for M1 Macs

macOS M1

» Program w/o Songs «

Ubuntu 18.04 or Higher
and other compatible distributions


» Program w/o Songs «

Click on the icon for your operating system for the full install (includes the songs from Club Fantastic).

If you already have songs and just want the program, you can download just that as well.

Alternatively, download the portable build if you want all the game files contained in a single folder.
It contains executables for all platforms, with only the Intel binary for macOS (which also works on M1).
It does not contain any songs but it does contain binaries for all platforms.

You can find all releases/release notes → Here
Issues? File a bug → Here
Want to build from source? → Here

New Features

Ooooooh, shiny…

Built-In Networking

Make network requests from within the game itself. The GrooveStats Launcher is no longer required!

SRPG Unlock Downloading

Automatically download and unzip Stamina RPG unlocks directly from within the game. Reload them directly from the song wheel!

Simply Love

Comes with Simply Love pre-installed. Already updated to make use of all the new features!

More Secure

Fixed many vulnerabilities found in mainline StepMania.

Backwards Compatible

Use your favorite StepMania 5 theme with ITGmania (even with the GrooveStats Launcher if needed for the theme)!

And More!

Fast profile switching, player-specific visual delay, disable windows on a per-player basis, both rate mod types, etc.

Check out the GitHub below!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ITGmania?

ITGmania is a fork of StepMania 5.1. It is an effort to make community-focused changes that can't otherwise be done solely through the theme.

Some of these features include:

  • Built in networking -- no GrooveStats Launcher required with a supported theme
  • Reload new songs from within the song select screen
  • Fast profile switching from within the song select screen
  • StepMania 5 Mine fix applied (courtesy of DinsFire64)
  • Held misses tracked in the engine for pad debugging
  • Fixed overlapping hold bug
  • Player-specific Visual Delay option
  • Player-specific option to disable timing windows
  • Supports both pitch dependent and independent rate mod options

  • Who?

    ITGmania is an effort led by Martin Natano and teejusb, who are the developers/maintainers of Simply Love as well as the GrooveStats Launcher.

    Other people who have contributed to ITGmania, either directly or indirectly are:

  • Club Fantastic (Bundled Songs)
  • DinsFire64 (Mine Fix)
  • Evocait Art (Enchantment Noteskin)
  • jenx (Fast Profile Switching)
  • LightningXCE (Cyber Noteskin from ITG3)
  • MegaSphere (DDR Note/Rainbow/Vivid Noteskin Recreation)
  • StepMania 5
  • Old StepMania Team
  • Why?

    While the networking capabilities of the GrooveStats Launcher was a good development for the community, the implementation left a little to be desired as it was restricted by the capabilities of StepMania.

    ITGmania attempts to bridge that gap and build networking straight into the game itself, while additionally implementing many other features that are only possible by modifying the engine.

    How can I contribute?

    There are many ways you can contribute to this effort! Some examples are:

  • Filing any bugs you encounter and/or requesting features Here
  • Helping out with translations in Simply Love
  • Vector-ifying the ITGmania logo Done! Thanks oyako!
  • Guides & Documentation

    ITGmania Migration Guide

    Helpful instructions to ease into the process of setting up ITGmania from a StepMania 5 setup.

    ITGmania Lua API Reference

    Lua documentation on the functions available to ITGmania.